Jessa Alt

Board Member

Jessa Alt has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Minnesota and holds Public Health Nurse Certification. Jessa spent the last decade of work working as a Registered Nurse and working in clinical leadership focusing on public health, mental health, healthcare design/ delivery, and health tech in the US and Scandinavia. She began her nursing career working with underserved and at risk, homeless youth. Later, her work included leading complex care management programs for high risk, high need patients. She currently leads telemedicine and clinical strategy and is passionate about improving healthcare access and redesigning healthcare. “I believe healthcare starts at home and in our communities. In order to maintain health, people need to have access to the tools, care and support, preventative services, and treatments needed to maintain health. This applies to physical, mental, dental and social health. It’s very exciting to know we can easily impact oral health outcomes by providing education and access to dental hygiene supplies. Early intervention is key, as we know poor oral care is associated with many chronic conditions later in life. I’m so excited to be part of this mission at Project Healthy Smile!”