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Project Healthy Smile works with children’s organizations globally. Children are educated on oral health, including the importance of dental health, diet and proper oral health techniques. PHS continues to work with compliant organizations and replenish dental supplies regularly. Our programs provide the services below:

Where we have implemented programs

We have successfully helped educate children and caregivers in multiple countries and regions.

USA-based program

PHS Minnesota

Aligned with the mission of saving smiles around the world, the PHS MN Program aims to bring oral care information and dental supplies to underprivileged groups in Minnesota. It will be specifically focused on the Latino community in the state. Hispanics are not only the fastest growing minority group in the nation, but also the largest. However, they have different obstacles with oral health. The major obstacles are a lack of awareness of available oral health services and a lack of oral health knowledge. Also, language barriers have been identified as negatively affecting Latinos’ pathway to health care.

Esperanza United

The pilot program will begin at “Casa de Esperanza”, a shelter for women and children whose mission is to mobilize Latinas and Latino communities to end domestic violence by building connections, providing resources and changing attitudes about domestic violence.

The pilot program will be divided into two groups:

1. The orientation program for adults will be aimed at women in the shelter and it will provide:

• Basic oral care information: proper brushing technique and changes that can be made in the daily diet that make a big difference in the appearance of cavities.

• Oral-care supplements: toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.

• A list of places that offer dental services for free or lower

• Cost services for adults and children.

2. The oral interactive education program for children. This program will be focused on the children of the women in the shelter and Hispanic children in low-income neighborhoods. It will provide:

• Oral health education: the important function of our teeth, proper brushing technique, interactive games about the different steps they can follow to take care of their smile.

• Oral-care supplements: toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.You can make a change by helping in this mission to save smiles in Minnesota!

Even a single toothbrush donation makes a big difference in the smile of a child who needs it.
For more information or to donate supplies to the PHS MN Program please contact
Vanessa Berrueta // 612-743-0630.

PHS is looking forward to saving many smiles worldwide!