Hollie Mae Schultz

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Hollie Mae has a Bachelor of Independent Studies Degree in Public Health and Sociology from the University of Minnesota. She has worked for 10 years doing direct services as a Youth Advocate and Counselor for at-risk and homeless youth through non-profit organizations, such as Project Foundation and The Bridge in Minneapolis, MN. “Working with at-risk youth for many years showed me how a community can be the greatest influence on a child. When the community is lacking in the proper knowledge and tools, then children don’t go without, they go without knowing any different. The idea of giving a child the education and tools for good health is a basic need that every person deserves. Project Healthy Smile has the ability to provide this basic need and make a mission of improving the quality of life for children in vulnerable situations. Teaching the value of good health and how to sustain good health is our priority.”