Vanessa Berrueta

MN Program Director

Vanessa Berrueta Zambrano developed her passion for service during her college years. A graduate of dentistry at the University of Zulia in Venezuela, she dedicated the last year of her career to serving as a volunteer in one of the most underprivileged areas of Venezuela, San Felipe. She also volunteered as a scientific explorer in the research project “Prevalence of Dental Decay in Venezuelan Ethnic Groups”. This project helped establish a real vision of the needs in different rural villages throughout the country. “Working with underprivileged communities gives you the actual opportunity to help those who really need it. It is always shocking to see the amount of families that share a toothbrush or the number of children suffering from tooth decay and lack access to oral health. For that reason, it is satisfying to be able to help, inform and make a real change in this important aspect of the human being it is the smile.” Now living in the United States, Vanessa is part of the organization as MN Program Director. “I am very happy to be part of this organization and share their noble mission. This is also my passion and personal mission: Saving smiles!”